New Portable VHF Air Band Base Station

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

The DITTEL Avionik KRT2-TB2 air band portable VHF base station is the follow-on to the very successful FSG-PC series by Dittel Messtechnik.  Developed by PJ Aviation in South Africa in collaboration with Walter Dittel, Germany, the goal was to produce a unit which was stronger, yet with simplified construction, easier servicing, modern design and convenient to use. Reduction in weight without compromising strength was a major goal in the development and this was achieved with optimum use of a combination of high strength corrosion resistance alloys. Accuracy of dimensions and fits is achieved through the use of CAD/CAM in a highly automated facility in Johannesburg.

The well known yellow Dittel portables of yesteryear, employed polyurethane cases which did not fair well in a tough environment and exhibited a poor RF ground plane.  PJ Aviation’s TB2 housing is an all metal design, providing an almost perfect match for the flex bade antenna.  The alloy used in the outer shells and face is resistant to salt water corrosion and denting. The internal framework is from CR12 steel.  A high quality powder coating is applied to the shells and face plates. The light grey/black colours are standard, but users placing high volume orders may choose their own.