New type patrol boat contract signed

The Contract concerning the tender forcquisition of 16 new type patrol boats needed byTurkish Naval Forces, has been signed in the ceremony held in Unders

Issue 8 - January 2008

Minister Gonul, in his speech in the signing ceremony, has indicated that, Dearsan ipbuilding Inc ., which was one of the 5 domestic shipyards that competing for the new type patrol boat roject which was launched in 2005 with the objective of domestically fulfillment of the Turkish Naval Forces Command’s operational requirements for reconnaissance , patrol and anti - submarine warfare in straits, base – port approaches, was selected as the winner upon the ev aluation of the proposals, and that the contract negotiations have started between the Undersecretriat of Defence Industry and Dearsan Inc. as of April, and that the negotiations have progressed rapidly and efficiently within the frame of the letter of intention signed in IDEF - 2007International Defence Industry Fair, and that the issue reached to the stage of contract signature as of today. Stating that the New Type Patrol Boats, which were fully nationally designed by Dearsan Shipbuilding Inc.so as to navigate in territorial waters and international waters of surrounding seas, will demonstrate high level of security and require minimum maintenance, Gonul added the Following: “Boats shall be certified by Turkish Lloyd in terms of hull, machinery, elec tric design, manufacturing, construction
and mounting. It is very significant in terms of the development of our domestic naval ship building industry to contribute to the inventory
of Turkish Naval Forces Command within a project calendar of 85 month, of 16 new type patrol boats, which are indigeneous design and have superior features, under the scope of the contract which we will sign today. Successful construction and delivery of these boats, which have high market share in the world on the basis of their task functions, will grant Dearsan Shipbuilding Inc. an advantageous position in naval shipbuilding industry. Under the scope of New Type Patrol Boat Project, there are various
applications for our country to provide boats with similar features particularly to many Asian and Balkan countries, and even negotiations are held at certain positions based on these plications.” Murad Bayar, the Undersecretary of
Defence Industry, has provided information about the tender stages of 16 New Type Patrol Boat roject. Bayar indicated that the said project was the biggest naval shipbuilding project award to private shipyard in Turkey, adding that the design of the project was fully domestic and the rate of local contribution in the project was 69 %,which is quite high, and 82.5 % of the money they dedicate to the project would remain in urkey. Bayar said that, the boat would have a significant export potential, and stated that the
Minister of National Defence had negotiations with the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan at IDEF fair even before the contract was signed,
and that the interest in the project would increase following contract signing. Baki Gokbayrak, President of Board of Dearsan Shipbuilding Inc., has stated in his speech that with the project, they would put many firsts into life. Stating the importance of 3 leading
elements in the construction of The boats,Gokbayrak added that high quality workmanship would be used for the construction of boats, all services would be gathered under the frame of total quality , and the share of domestic contribution in the construction of boats would climb over 60 percent.