New Weapon for Next Generation Fighter Aircrafts “SOM”

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Roketsan recently introduced the new Stand-Off weapon system so called “SOM” in the market. Under serial production, SOM is already in service of Turkish Air Force since 2012. SOM has been integrated and certified on F-4E 2020 and F-16 Block40 aircraft. SOM System is defined as an autonomous, long range, low observable, all weather, high precision air to surface cruise missile family. It is designed for the use against heavily defended, anti-access and high value stationary targets such as such as SAM sites, exposed aircrafts, strategic assets, C2 centres as well as moving land/surface (ASuW) targets. Its modular design enabled the development of four variants of the missile to support operational flexibility. The light weight (approx. 600kg) , highly effective blast fragmentation and dual stage tandem penetration warheads, high precision by TRN and IBN enforced GPS-INS navigation  capabilities with IIR seeker and data fusion lifts the standards of Air-to-surface weapon. Under a contract with TuMOD and in cooperation with Lockheed Martin a new variant SOM-J is being developed to fit inside the internal bay of F-35 Aircraft for to common requirements of Turkish Air Force and F-35 JSF Program. Recently, SOM missile was used in the Military Exercise and have shown great success. Roketsan is also under cooperation-discussion with Airbus Defence & Space for the integration on Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter Aircraft.