NICOMATIC - Highly Reliable Indigenous Connectors under Tough Conditions

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

Nicomatic is a global designer and manufacturer of microelectronic connectors and cables utilized in several aerospace, defense, and security applications for challenging environments. On account of its 100% in-house manufacturing process, it offers its customers high-standard micro connectors in millions of configurations within a short lead time. Marking, molding, screwing, assembly, and cabling are conducted with special expertise in all products.

Nicomatic has a wide range of micro rectangular connectors with 2-, 1.27-, and 1-mm pitches, flat flexible FFC cables, and metal domes for harsh environments. The connectors designed to meet the electrical and mechanical performances of military standards have a modular structure. Nicomatic has ISO9001:2015 and EN9100:2016 certifications, and the products comply with European REACH and RoHS standards and regulations. The products are tested at Nicomatic laboratories to better address the high technology and electronics market needs and build a quality system. Controlling each of the steps is a guarantee for our customers for customized solutions. The constant will to improve the quality enables long-term development and growth for Nicomatic’s partners. Supported by every member of the Nicomatic Group, the company’s management is involved in the implementation of this policy to a great extent.