Noske-Kaeser strengthens its position with opening of local subsidiary in Turkey

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Issue 12 - October 2008

Defence Turkey: Firstly, could you please inform us about general structure and strategies of Noske-Kaeser? What are the capabilities and products of Noske-Kaeser?

The Noske-Kaeser Group provides system solutions and components in the fields of air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, piping, fire fighting and NBC protection systems. Originally established 1879 in Hamburg, Germany, the Group has equipped almost every vessel type including naval surface vessels and submarines as well as military vehicles.

The scope of supply comprises engineering as well as production, installation and commissioning of the systems. Noske-Kaeser offers worldwide a comprehensive after
sales service including conversions, repairs and spare parts.

Characterized by experience grown over 130 years, we have a worldwide reputation for special expertise and high quality products. Our marine product range, for example, is approved by the German navy and the NATO. From the start, Noske-Kaeser has always been a successful driver of innovations through own research and product development and the exploration of new fields of applications. We are following this strategy by expanding our range of standard components including provision cooling components for all ship types as well as air-conditioning units for naval surface vessels. There is a clear focus on optimizing the components even further with regard to performance, energy efficiency and maintenance required.

Defence Turkey: Systems of Noske-Kaeser are currently being used problem-free in frigates, assault boats, submarine, mine-detect ships and coast guard ships of Turkish Naval Forces. Could you please inform us about the activities, ongoing programmes and recent projects that you have been carrying out with Turkish Naval Forces?

In total, more than sixty vessels of the Turkish Fleet are equipped with Noske-Kaeser
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), refrigeration and fire fighting systems. NBC protection devices integrated in the ventilation systems have also been supplied.

In the A Class Mine Warfare Ship program Noske-Kaeser recently equipped six vessels with HVAC, refrigeration and fire fighting systems. For the running programmes Milgem Class Corvettes and New Class Patrol Boats, Noske-Kaeser is providing the local engine fire protection systems (in total sixteen units). Currently, we are involved in several other projects of the Turkish Navy as well.

Defence Turkey: As you are aware that in recent years Turkey has taken significant steps in naval system technology within the light of the major projects such as Milgem Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship Building. What are your strategies and plans regarding investment and joint production in Turkey to strengthen the collaboration with Turkish Authorities and Turkish Defence Industry?

Traditionally, the Turkish Navy has been an important customer for Noske-Kaeser as the major part of the Turkish fleet of naval vessels is equipped with our products and systems provided mainly through German shipyards. Noske-Kaeser intends not only to maintain its leading position as a supplier, but to become a strategic partner of the Turkish Navy and the naval shipyards.

We are actually establishing a Noske-Kaeser subsidiary in the Tuzla area near Istanbul.
The company shall be operating by end of October 2008. In the future, we will be able to offer engineering, manufacturing, installation and service to Turkish customers. Noske-Kaeser’s strength as a service partner to Navies worldwide shall also be transferred to the Turkish operation and shall be developed in favour of the Turkish Navy.

Defence Turkey: Could you please inform us about your cooperation with Turkish Companies?
Could you please inform us about your international marketing strategies and your target regions? Can it be considered that Turkish Defence Industry will be your team player in line with your marketing strategies regarding the regions near Turkey?

Noske-Kaeser has successfully co-operated in the past with Turkish production partners, e.g. for the Mine Warfare Ship program. Noske-Kaeser’s presence in the Turkish market has been ensured through the long lasting partnership with the Turkish company HATKO A.S in Istanbul with its more than 35 years experience in naval and merchant shipbuilding.

Starting from Noske-Kaeser’s home market Germany and with German Navy as leading customer, Noske-Kaeser is now present in many European countries like Portugal, France, Italy and Greece. As well, there are emerging countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe where Noske-Kaeser is running either an own operation or where its business activities are supported by local partners.

Turkey with its developed structure of industrial suppliers, especially in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, and its skilled workforce offers outstanding conditions for engineering and manufacturing of products not only for the Turkish market but also for the European markets through the network of the Noske-Kaeser Group.

Defence Turkey: Would you like to give some additional information and messages for our readers?

Noske-Kaeser is a very well known brand internationally that represents high quality products of German design and engineering. Our customers are familiar with our know-how and value our tradition – and expect that we can also produce our products in their country and provide local support. Thus, our offer is based upon meeting the needs of our customers, wherever they are located. In a number of markets such as Turkey, our naval and merchant customers are now requiring capability to be available within their countries. For that reason, we are establishing operations there and are growing our international business to meet the demand of our customers.