Nurol Makina Preferred Once Again by Qatar Armed Forces to Supply their Armored Vehicles

Nurol Makina and Qatar signed a new agreement to supply an undisclosed number of armored vehicles for the Qatar Armed Forces.

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

According to the announcement made on the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Defense of Qatar, the Qatar Armed Forces signed an agreement with Barzan Holding Company, and following the said agreement, Barzan Holding signed a contract with Nurol Makina for the procurement of "Joint Special Force Vehicles." No further information was given about the sales amount, and the number of vehicles under the contract except for that the deliveries will take place in two batches. It was announced that the first batch would be delivered in 2021 and the second batch in 2022.

A contract was previously signed between Nurol Makina and Qatar during DIMDEX 2018, which ran between March 12-14, 2018 with the participation of the Commander of Joint Special Forces Major General Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Fetais AL-MARRI who declared that Nurol Makina would supply 342 EJDER YALÇIN vehicles with  the SARP-DUAL Remote-Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station (RCWS) and 214 YÖRÜK (NMS) 4×4 vehicles with the IGLA Missile Launching System and Anti-Tank Missile Launchers. Under the agreement, the deliveries of the vehicles continue, although the number of vehicles delivered was not disclosed.

The EJDER YALÇIN 4 × 4 Armored Combat Vehicle was developed by Nurol Makina in response to military units' operational needs and security forces, for use in all kinds of regions and land conditions, including residential and rural areas.  The EJDER YALÇIN can effectively use different duty loads for various tasks.  Configurations are available such as personnel carriers, armored combat vehicles, anti-tank vehicles, and ambulances. The EJDER YALÇIN also has a unique ambulance configuration that can use its superior performance and protection capabilities to be a first responder to security forces injured on the ground and provide safe transportation.

The New Generation Light Armored NMS 4x4 is designed uniquely by Nurol Makina, and it stands out with its V-shaped monocoque body and an unmatched military chassis. The lower weight of the vehicle and its outstanding protection against mines and ballistic threats offer its users high survivability even against aggressive and asymmetric threats, which makes the vehicle superior during operations. The vehicle's armor can be adjusted to different levels varying from 1 to 4 according to the customer requirements. The armor level enables adjustments. With its lightweight and superior maneuvering capability and the easy configuration change feature, it can swiftly cater to the needs of the procurement authorities.

The exceptionally low turning radius of the modular NMS 4X4 promises its users significant advantages through urbanized terrain operations. The NMS 4x4 is designed and equipped with readiness for multi-role capabilities and features a series of capacities ranging from weapon systems' transportation in combatant units to reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.