Nurol Makina – Proudly Providing a National Service - An Ambitious Vision Coming to Fruition

With incredible sales growth reaching $100 million, Nurol Makina’s General Manager Mr. Engin Aykol talks with Defence Turkey Magazine about the company’s sustainable path, with projections to soon exceed current sales. Within the next five years, additional new orders are anticipated for vehicles delivered both to local and foreign markets

Issue 76 - July 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Engin Aykol, first of all we would like to thank you for your time. You have been the General Manager at Nurol Makina for almost 5 years now and it seems that you’ve been making your mark with your staff throughout this period.  Nurol Makina has become a prominent brand both locally and worldwide with its products and high-tech technology. We observe the signs of work produced by a team with a systematic point of view and which has identified its direction well.  What type of changes have unfolded at Nurol Makina throughout this five-year period?

In 2012, at the beginning of my assignment, our product range was considerably different under existing circumstances. We noticed that we had to alter our product range to keep up with the times and also to stay up-to-date within the current conditions of Turkey in order to become a more competitive player in the defense industry market. Our TOMA production has been ongoing but today we manufacture the 4x4 Ejder TOMA which is a unique platform developed over our own chassis, standing out with its high-level terrain capability and ballistic protection. As Nurol Makina, we used to have an organizational structure that adopted the production of a single vehicle yet today we are capable of managing the concurrent operation of five various products. I can claim that the sales we achieved are concrete indicators of our achievement and improvement. Surely, we are still not at the level we aspire to attain but we are striding out to become a crucial player on the global scale. I can sum up our mission as: catering to the requirements of our military and security forces, providing high added value to our Defense Industry, training qualified staff and thus contributing to future generations.