Nurol Makina Unveiled Ejder Kunter Armoured Truck in IDEF 2015

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Nurol Makina has brought a new vision with its indigenous designs “Ejder Yalçın 4x4” and “Ilgaz 4x4” vehicles and has received very positive feedbacks from its users especially from EJDER YALÇIN 4x4. Nurol Makina relentlessly continues its activities and again has brought in something new to Turkish Defence Industry with “Ejder Kunter” Armoured Truck. Being one of a kind in the industry, “Ejder Kunter” was designed with the priority of user requirements, comfort and the safety of the crew. With short and long chassis options, 11 to 21 tons payload capacity and 4x4,6x4 and 6x6 driveline configurations, the vehicle offers different alternatives according to the user requirements. When we look at the other armoured trucks that are produced to this date, we can see that the vehicles are presented to the user with certain specification. Nurol Makina offers suitable options for the user requirements with the design of “Ejder Kunter”. With its current structure, “Ejder Kunter” can be configured into Truck for Logistic Purposes, Armoured Tanker, Weapon Carrier Vehicle, Command Control Vehicle, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Prisoner Carrier Vehicle, CBRN Vehicle, Internal Security Vehicle and Reconnaissance Vehicle, for different purposes. The superior off-road performance, the powerful structure of the vehicle and fully independent suspension system, are the other factors that contribute to this capability of Ejder Kunter which expands its area of operations. 

Nurol Makina avoids possible extreme maintenance expenses and loss of time with carrying over the low maintenance quality to “Ejder Kunter”, which is a priority in company’s manufacturing policy.