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Nurol Teknoloji at IDEAS`22 with High-Tech Solutions

NUROL TEKNOLOJİ exhibits its personal and vehicle ballistic protection solutions with different protection levels and weights, manufactured from advanced ballistic ceramics such as Alumina (Aluminum Carbide), Silicon Carbide, and Boron Carbide (all provide the same protection level but have varying costs) at its booth at the IDEAS` 22.

November 16, 2022

Nurol Teknoloji participated in the IDEAS 2022 Defense Fair to be held in Karachi, Pakistan between 15-18 November, with advanced technological ballistics such as Alumina (Alumina), Silicon Carbide (Silicon Carbide) and Boron Carbide (Boron Carbide), which have the same protection levels but different costs. Personal ballistic protection and vehicle platforms made of ceramics with different protection levels and weights are exhibiting their ballistic protection solutions in their booth, IDEAS'2022.

NUROL TEKNOLOJİ, a Nurol Holding company, was established in 2008 to produce advanced ballistic ceramics with 100% domestic capital. NUROL TEKNOLOJİ designs and delivers personal and structural ballistic protection solutions with "National" and "Domestic" facilities. The company manufactures advanced ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions such as Alumina, Silicon Carbide, and Boron Carbide for all friendly and allied countries, especially the Turkish Security Forces, under one roof in three production facilities located in Ankara. As the only advanced ceramics manufacturer in Turkey, the company has invested more than $130million USD in the past 14 years to reach this level and continues to invest in this field. NUROL TEKNOLOJİ, which can produce hybrid ballistic solutions for its domestic and foreign customers, can manufacture and test all types of personal, vehicle, and structural ballistic protection products according to all international requirements and standards, with its special recipes and capabilities. In this context, it can successfully perform the relevant tests at the internationally accepted ballistic protection levels NIJ 0101.04, NIJ 0101.06, NIJ 0115.00, NIJ 0108.01, TS EN 1063, TS EN 1522, STANAG 2920, STANAG 4569 and MIL PRF46103.

The combat-proven personal ballistic protection solutions of NUROL TEKNOLOJİ were successfully used by a great numbers of countries security forces and are still being used successfully in Ukraine and are saving lives.

The most expensive and lightest ceramic armor plates produced by NUROL TEKNOLOJİ are made of Boron Carbide material, while the cheapest and heaviest are made of Alumina. For example, even though they all provide the same protection level, a bulletproof NIJ Level 4 vest plate made of Boron Carbide weighs 2.5kg, Silicon Carbide weighs 3kg, and Alumina weighs 3.5kg. Therefore, while Boron Carbide armor plate is preferred in personal protection and air vehicle platforms, Silicon Carbide or Alumina plates are used in vehicle armoring depending on end-user requirements.

NUROL TEKNOLOJİ official noted that there is a ceramic armor plate on the front and an additional soft insert made of white Polyethylene material behind it, which holds the fragmented pieces of the ceramic plate. The bullet that hits the ceramic armor plate, which does not have ballistic protection on its own, breaks and causes shrapnel that can harm the person wearing the vest. The Polyethylene lining holds the shrapnel and prevents damage to the human body. This way, the NIJ-IV standard ballistic armor plate can stop a .30 caliber M2AP round at 880m/s (thanks to its velocity, this bullet can be penetrated through several people lined up in a row).  NUROL TEKNOLOJİ can manufacture advanced ballistic ceramic armor plates such as Alumina, Silicon Carbide, and Boron Carbide.

While the NIJ-IV standard bulletproof armor plate, which can withstand a single 7.62x63 M2AP bullet, is 2.300gr, the armor plate designed to withstand 3 shots is 2.500gr. Each vest has one armor plate at the front and back and one side armor plate on each side for the liver. Therefore, the NIJ-IV standard for a bulletproof vest has a total weight of 7 kg, 2x2.5kg + 1kg + 1kg and it ensures full ballistic protection. NUROL TEKNOLOJİ has continues its R&D studies to reduce the weight of the ceramic armor plate even more in the R&D Center accredited by the Turkish Industry & Technology Ministry.

The ballistic vests delivered to the Turkish Special Forces have side armor plates. Using ceramic armor weighing 2.350gr-2.500gr, the NIJ-IV standard bulletproof (30 caliber M2 Rifle) vest can provide ballistic protection equivalent to a 7.5kg steel plate.

NUROL TEKNOLOJİ has also developed the NIJ-VI standard ballistic shield that can withstand 7.62x63 M2AP bullets. The company also offers ceramic-composite ballistic armored shield models that can withstand soft-point and 7.62x51mm armor-piercing (AP) rounds. Developed by NUROL TEKNOLOJİ for bases, checkpoints, and security missions, the portable Modular Bunker (MODKOR) was delivered to the General Directorate of Security (Turkish Police) in the past months, and its tests are continuing. It will also be delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command for testing purposes.

NUROL TEKNOLOJİ provides STANAG 4569 Level 2 (7.62x39mm API), 3 (7.62x51mm AP), 4 (14.5x114mm AP), and 5 (25mm APDS-T) ceramic armor solutions for land vehicles. NUROL TEKNOLOJİ is making deliveries for the FNSS Marine Assault Vehicle (ZAHA) and PARS III 6x6 APC and YÖRÜK 4x4 Armored Vehicles. The company is also increasing the protection levels of tactical armored vehicles from B6 to B7 and B7+ levels as part of a project they have been carrying out with the H.I.T. company in Pakistan for a while. The project also covers training services for local personnel; thus, composite/ceramic armor panels manufactured in NUROL TEKNOLOJİ facilities are mounted on vehicles in Pakistan. As part of the armoring project, vehicle suspensions are also being changed.