Nurol Teknoloji: `We Produce National Armor Solutions with National Ballistic Ceramics`

We have done an exclusive interview with CEO Selim BAYBAŞ Nurol Teknoloji, which is the first and only ballistic armor solutions designer and manufacturer in Turkey. With expertise in ballistic ceramic and composite armor design and manufacturing capabilities the company uses existing production infrastructure, production capacity as well as the latest technologies.

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Defence Turkey: Could you give us information about Nurol Teknoloji, which was founded by Nurol Holding in 2008 and performing indigenous design and production activities in the field of "Advanced Ballistic Armor Solutions," and about its footprint in the Turkish Defense Industry today?

Selim BAYBAŞ: We are a Nurol Holding company established in 2008 with fully domestic capital to produce advanced technique ballistic ceramics. Since the day we were founded, we have prioritized research and development, and we have been performing activities to fill a significant gap in the field of ballistic protective solutions, especially in our country. We design and produce personal ballistic protection, vehicle platform ballistic protection, and structural ballistic protection solutions with "National" and "Domestic" sources.