OKIS Acceptance Tests Successfully Accomplished by Meteksan Defense

Issue 81

With the written statement made by Meteksan Defense, it was announced that the acceptance tests were completed successfully for the Automatic Take-Off and Landing System (OKIS), which was developed nationally for the first time, providing precise position information by using radar technology in automatic take-off and landing systems of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

All tests of the OKIS airborne segment integrated into the ANKA UAV platform and the OKIS ground segment located on the side of the runway were successfully performed. Under GPS-denied environment in a radius of 10 to 15 kilometers, the OKIS airborne segment and the ground segment located on the side of the runway provide enable safe take-off and landing of the UAV systems by communicating robustly without being subject to jammers.

The system was integrated into the tactical class Bayraktar TB2 platform in December 2017 and communication between the OKIS airborne segment and the OKIS ground segment was provided from 12 km.

Following these tests, the end-product that became ready for mass production is scheduled to be displayed at the Eurasia Air Show. 

OKIS systems will provide important capabilities to MALE and Tactical Class UAV systems and the studies to include them in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces are ongoing.

Automatic Take-off and Landing System (OKIS)

The Automatic Take-off and Landing System (OKIS) is a mono pulse transponder tracking radar which is used for take-off and landing phases of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). OKIS consists of two subsystems; the OKIS Airborne Segment and the OKIS Ground Segment. The OKIS Airborne Segment is a transponder with its antenna set installed on the UAVs and the OKIS Ground Segment is mono pulse interrogator radar installed in the sideline of the runway. The OKIS Airborne Segment is small in size and weight and could be used in almost any type of UAV without experiencing any significant capacity degradation of payload capacity.

The OKIS Ground Segment provides a safe and precise take-off/landing by feeding accurate UAV’s 3D position information (range, bearing, elevation) to the Ground Control Station (GCS).

OKIS has strong mobility with its two-man lift feature and easy and quick installation and de-installation feature. OKIS has a robust design specific for battlefield conditions and mission reliability requirements and it facilitates ground operators in take-off and landing UAVs on both ends of the runways. 

Due to the unprotected nature of GPS signals against various jamming techniques, OKIS provides a reliable solution especially in wartime for the automatic take-off and landing processes of UAVs.