Oman’s First Hercules was Launched by ARES

Date: Issue 95 - October 2019

ARES Shipyard has proudly announced the launching of the very first patrol craft for Oman on 11 September 2019.

The shipyard signed a contract to supply 14-off ARES 85 HERCULES Fast Patrol Craft to the Royal Oman Police Coast Guard (ROPCG) to be delivered within a four-year acquisition program. It is also known as the first naval export program to the Sultanate of Oman ever to be accomplished in the history of the Turkish Republic.

ARES 85 HERCULES is capable of achieving very high-speeds up to 55 knots which will be used to patrol and secure the nation’s waters, to prevent arms and drug trafficking as well as illegal immigration and to control human trafficking in the Gulf of Oman. The vessel has a 12.7-mm auto stabilized remote controlled naval gun which provides versatile firepower which can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of potential scenarios.  Additionally, it has a suite of naval communications equipment, electro optic (E/O) sensors and X-band naval radars. The vessel can launch and recover a military type RHIB for boarding and SAR missions.

Moreover, the shipyard has been providing extensive operator and maintenance training to over 200 personnel of the ROPCG over a period of approximately 300 days within the shipbuilding program via ARES engineers, specialized and certified tactical trainers. The vessels will be delivered with a 7-year hull warranty and an onsite ARES team of engineers will provide 24/7 warranty engineering and technical support to the end users in Oman.