One More Add-on to EJDER YALÇIN Configurations

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

February 09, 2021 Nurol Makina, which has delivered many EJDER YALÇIN vehicles in different configurations to both domestic and foreign users until today, is getting ready to introduce the mortar configuration to the end users. As per the statement made by the company, EJDER YALÇIN, with a new integrated 120 mm mortar system, will cater to operational requirements of our Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie Forces, as well as the end users abroad.

Aselsan's ALKAR 120 mm mortar system was used on the 120 mm mortar vehicle, the new configuration of the EJDER YALÇIN armored vehicle family, which is one of the best vehicles in its class on account of its high protection capability, superior mobility and payload capacity. The qualification tests of EJDER YALÇIN Mortar vehicle were successfully completed.

EJDER YALÇIN Mortar Vehicle, which can provide fire support to Commando, Infantry, Motorized and Mechanized Infantry units in conventional and asymmetric operating environments, has a 120 mm mortar, semi-automatic ammunition loading system, ammunition storage system and fire control system. The high stability of the vehicle allows high precision hits. Thanks to its superior mobility in all kinds of terrain, the vehicle moves quickly and safely after firing and this makes it difficult for the vehicle to be detected by hostile units. In coordination with the EJDER YALÇIN Reconnaissance & Surveillance Vehicle, which is also capable of acting as a Forward Observer vehicle, detected targets can be effectively fired upon with precision by the EJDER YALÇIN Mortar Vehicle.  

EJDER YALÇIN, which has proven itself in the battlefield, has different configurations such as Air Defense Vehicle, Command-Control Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, Mine/IED Detection-Destruction Vehicle, Ambulance, Radar Vehicle, Jammer Vehicle, CBRN Vehicle, Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle, Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle. Nurol Makina has sold a large number of EJDER YALÇIN vehicles also to international buyers such as Tunisia, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Senegal and finally to Hungary, a NATO and a European Union member country, in addition to the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces up to date.