Onur Inc. at Anka-S Programme

Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

Onur Inc.  OCS-NG400 VCS product will be utilized as part of the “Ground Control Station” within the scope of Anka-S Serial Production Programme. The company is known to produce national solutions on developing IP based integrated voice communication systems and add web based capabilities to the existing communication systems. 

In accordance with the new contract signed between Onur Inc. and TAI in May, all the ground control communication services within the scope of the “Anka-S Serial Production Programme” will be gathered under a single roof. Within the framework of the solution to be delivered, all sources of communication (telephone systems, crypto systems, PLS systems, etc.) whether in the Ground Control Station or on the Unmanned Air Vehicle will be transformed into an integrated communication solution through using the OCS-NG400 VCS.