OSSA Cluster Creating Joint Competition via Collaboration to Increase Quality, Localization and Nationalization Solutions

In an interview with the Chairman of OSSA Cluster Board Of Directors, Mithat ERTUĞ Interview Discuss how Clusters Benefit from Exploring Solutions and Create Industrial Order and Opportunity together by Holding Joint Meetings and Discussions

Date: Issue 91 - May 2019

Defence Turkey: Mr. Mithat ERTUĞ, as OSTIM’s Defence and Aviation cluster, can you inform us about your activities, current number of your members, your areas of activity and the demographic distribution of your members etc.?

Mithat ERTUĞ: As the OSSA Cluster, we have currently 225 members. However, we compare the OSSA cluster with its capabilities, not the number of its members. We have 225 members in our cluster right now. We have members that can use 50 ERP operating systems and have about 60 AS 9100 certificates and plant security certificates. We define the size of our cluster with the number of qualified companies. When we set up the first cluster, we had 2 companies with AS-9100 certificates. The UR-GE (Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness) support of the Ministry of Commerce has made a significant contribution to increase the quality of our companies and to attain this number. Thanks to them, our companies have reached this quality and the engineering capabilities of our companies have improved a lot. The international exports are fully dependent on this certification and this increased our international reputation and recognition. Our cluster has been using URGE support successfully since 2012.