Otokar Awarded $63.2 Million Contract for ARMA 6x6

May 2011, Turkey) Turkish leading and largest privately owned tactical vehicle

Date: Issue 29 - October 2011

“This award is the second export contract for ARMA 6x6 in its first year” says Serdar Gorguc, Otokar’s General Manager. “As the leading designer and exporter of armoured vehicles in Turkey, we continue to grow in defence industry with local and international orders. Representing the Turkish defence industry in world arena with our well-known armoured vehicles, we continue to execute contracts abroad. We are proud to sign the second contract although it has only been twelve months since we introduced the ARMA. This award demonstrates that ARMA is the new generation answer and ideal concept and design for upcoming threats, and expectations of modern armed forces. This second contract which is signed quite soon after the presentation of the vehicle to users is a strong indicator that ARMA will be one of the flagships of Otokar’s product range.”

ARMA is the newest product family within the Otokar’s the tactical wheeled armoured vehicle range with modular multi-wheel configuration. ARMA provides superior tactical and technical features with an outstanding cost among competitive products. Thanks to the high level of ballistic and mine protection as well as, the outstanding design allowing the integration of various types of mission equipments, ARMA is an adaptable platform for evolving mission needs in a modern battlefield.