Otokar Cobras to be used in mission

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

Significant technological, engineering and marketing investments have been made for Cobra Project, which was initiated by Otokar with the support of TÜBİTAK in 1997. During its design phase, several tests like Performance in Climatized Wind Tunnel, Brake Performance Tests with 5th Wheel, Environmental Tests, Gradability Tests, Fording Capability Tests, Side Slope Capability Tests, Mobility Performance Tests and Mine Resistance Tests were realized successfully at different locations within and outside the country and under different weather and geographical conditions.

Cobra, Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle, attracts interest with its superior maneuvering capability and survivability. The Cobra?s design makes it especially effective in protecting against mine and bomb explosions. The optimized body angles of the monocoque hull structure provide Cobra built-in survivability. This, together with a low silhouette and high mobility in all types of terrain, results in excellent level of survivability. Run-flat tyres, provided as standard feature, allow the vehicle to continue its mission, even with deflated tyres. The Cobra 4x4 is particularly advantageous in narrow in arrow sites due to its dimensions. The powerful turbo diesel VB engine gives Cobra power to navigate the toughest terrain conditions. An electronically controlled automatic transmission, permanent four wheel drive and 2-speed lockable transfer box ensure high mobility whatever the terrain conditions are. An independent suspension and Central Tyre Inflation System make the Cobra the highest mobility armored vehicle in its class. For different threats, tasks and needs, Cobra is produced in different types such as Cobra Open Turret Personnel Carrier, Cobra Closed Turret Personnel Carrier, Cobra 40 mm AGL ve 12.7 mm MG Vehicle, Cobra Ambulance, Cobra Reconnaissance/Surveillance Vehicle, Cobra Command/Control Vehicle, Cobra EOD Vehicle, Cobra Amphibious Vehicle and Cobra Giat 20 mm Cannon.