OTOKAR Displays 7 Armored Vehicles at Eurosatory 2024

OTOKAR, Tuürkiye’s global land systems manufacturer participates in Europe’s largest defense industry exhibition, Eurosatory 2024, on June 17-21, in Paris, France. During the 5-day exhibition, OTOKAR will promote its wheeled and tracked armored vehicles as well as its capabilities in land systems. At OTOKAR booth, a total of 7 wheeled and tracked armored vehicles will be showcased including AKREP II, ARMA 6x6, ARMA 8x8, ALPAR, ARMA II 8x8, COBRA II and TULPAR with different turret systems. OTOKAR is exhibiting its ALPAR heavy-class tracked and armored unmanned ground vehicle and ARMA II 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle abroad for the first time at the Eurosatory 2024 Exhibition.

Date: Issue 131 - June 2024


Designed as an unmanned ground vehicle, ALPAR marks a first for the Turkish Defense Industry. ALPAR, developed by OTOKAR as an unmanned platform capable of undertaking missions together with manned and unmanned assets in the battlefield to meet the needs of the armed forces for robotic and unmanned ground vehicles, has a maximum combat weight of 15 tons. Equipped with autonomous systems and AI systems, the vehicle is designed to reduce personnel risk on the battlefield, improve the success of high threat missions, conducting  routine tasks, by reducing the number of personnel in the field using AI and data analytics, and increase efficiency in the battlefield by communicating with unmanned aerial vehicles and other assets in the battlefield. ALPAR stands out with a low thermal footprint, dimensions and weight to be airlifted, and a fast-change battery infrastructure. Moreover, ALPAR increases its mission capability with a mini-unmanned ground vehicle that it can carry.