Otokar is now Closer to its Users in the Gulf Region

Date: Issue 73 - April 2017

Otokar exhibited four vehicles at IDEX 2017, the biggest defense industry exhibition in the Middle East. The vehicles included Cobra- II, Kaya-II, Arma 6x6, as well as the new generation tracked armored vehicle Tulpar-S Personnel Carrier version, which was presented for the first time in the region, on February 19 – 23, 2017 in Abu Dhabi. 

Mr. Serdar Görgüç, Otokar General Manager, stated that Otokar had established “Otokar Land Systems Limited” in the United Arab Emirates in 2016 to strengthen export activities of Otokar, which has achieved 30 years in the defense industry, and added: “Today we have developed 30 thousand military vehicles for different needs are being used on five continents in over 30 countries. Otokar Land Systems will be our driving force in our regional expansion, especially in the Gulf countries.”

Mr. Serdar Görgüç: “We will be more Influential in The Region with Our New Company, Otokar Land Systems”

Mr. Serdar Görgüç, Otokar General Manager, expressed that the IDEX Exhibition is an important organization in terms of increasing cooperation in the region, “The IDEX Exhibition, which we are participating for the eighth time, is especially significant for us. In 2016, we established a new company named Otokar Land Systems Limited in Masdar City Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates to strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading players in the defense industry. Having accomplished 30 years in the defense industry, Otokar has nearly 30 thousand military vehicles that are being used on five continents in more than 30 countries. With Otokar Land Systems, we will be closer to our users in regions where we operate. By following the export activities more closely, we intend to strengthen our cooperation abroad, especially in the Gulf region, open to new markets and increase our sales.” 

Mr. Serdar Görgüç: “Armoured Vehicle Deliveries Continue”

Mr. Serdar Görgüç informed that Otokar, as the biggest supplier of the Turkish Armed Forces, continued to increase its armored vehicle deliveries in 2016 in line with user expectations and against current threats, and added:

“The success of Otokar’s armored vehicles was also a reference for new orders. In 2016, we completed the deliveries of armoured vehicles ordered in 2015 by different countries. Last year, a Gulf country client with Ural armored vehicles already in its inventory placed a new order for Ural because of the vehicle’s successful performance. We will complete these Ural deliveries within this year. On the other hand, we signed the first export contract for Cobra-II with a South Asian country. The vehicles are expected to take part in United Nations Peacekeeping operations. As the deliveries continued, user tests of Otokar vehicles in different geographies were conducted throughout the year in our target markets, North Africa and Gulf countries. The testing activities that involved mobility in challenging desert conditions and live firing tests have proved the suitability of our vehicles for the hot climate and geographical conditions.”

Mr. Serdar Görgüç: “Technology Investments Continue To Grow”

Explaining that Otokar continued to invest in new technologies with increasing demand for armoured vehicles, Mr. Serdar Görgüç also noted that a total of 269 patent applications, utility models and industrial design applications, including 37 industrial designs, have been filed for the products and subsystems in the last decade. Görgüç said that Otokar continues with its investments to provide fast and quality response to the demands of the defense industry, “The Otokar R&D center, one of Europe’s leading facilities, is equipped with simulators, testing equipment and the latest information systems to create and evaluate information for the purpose of testing the manufactured vehicles faster and with higher technology. Otokar’s test center featuring a climate controlled test chamber with dynamometer, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI) testing qualification, also serves as an independent accreditation center for the defense industry’s R&D activities.”