Otonom Technology and Cappadocia Balloon Maintenance Center to Develop Unique Hot Air Balloon

Issue 82 - June 2018

On the second day of the Eurasia Air Show, a signature ceremony for the “Cooperation Agreement on the Development of the Unique Hot Air Balloon Project” was held between Otonom Technology and Cappadocia Balloon Maintenance Center.

This project was initiated by the Cappadocia Balloon Maintenance Center - one of the leading companies of the hot air balloons in Turkey.  Otonom Technology aims to contribute with its know-how and experiences in aviation and air stat flight techniques as well as design, analysis and certification processes. 

Flights with hot air balloons could be conducted all around the world where climate conditions and landforms allow and in addition to these characteristics, the Cappadocia region has become a worldwide brand in balloon tourism due to its tourism potential, distinct topography as well as its lengthy four season long availability for balloon flights and has turned into the world’s greatest commercial flight center over a 20 year period. The hot air balloons used in Turkey are being imported from Europe including their mechanical parts, and with this project the design, development and certification of the hot air balloons are aimed through domestic facilities. With the launch of domestic hot air balloons, a critical export potential in the mid-term is anticipated to be an excellent gain for Turkey.