Our Country is Gaining Competence in all Aspects of Defence

Yılmaz KÜÇÜKSEYHAN, the President of TOBB Defence Industry Council

Date: Issue 86 - November 2018

The Defence Industry is a strategic sector. The elements making this industry a strategic one is that its added value is quite high. It is a critical policy instrument of the country in the global environment. It acts as a pioneer for the other industries. It is a crucial instrument in the development of the technological structure and it renders countries dependent.

This industry is a national power factor in respect to the survival of the country. Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry reached its current success through experiencing three stages. Considering our defence industry requirements, during the period until the establishment of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (presently the Presidency of Defence Industries), rather heavy burdens were endured due to the implemented embargoes mostly caused by the single source and direct procurement supply system experienced throughout the period that lasted until the Peace Operation of 1974, yet these embargoes indicated that these supply systems were wrong. Then the transformation from the single source and direct procurement system stage started and multiple sources and off – the – shelf- procurement implementations were launched, thus the development of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry was slowed down. The “Off – the – Shelf Procurement” system continued by reducing its speed in the beginning of 1990s, and production in line with the “Joint Production” and “Licensed Production” models that were adopted between the years 1990 – 2000. During this period, the products manufactured by the Turkish Armed Forces through domestic and national technologies fulfilled 20% of the requirements.