P-180U and MARS-L Radar Purchase from Ukraine and TuRAF PYAS Project

Date: Issue 99 - June 2020

According to Ukrainian press, Ukrspetsexport (the only institution authorized by the Ukrainian Government to fulfill the export potential of Ukraine's military-industrial complex), a subsidiary of the Ukrainian state-owned defense company UkroBoronProm (UOP), delivered two P-180U and two MARS-L radars to SSTEK Defense Industry Technologies in late December 2019, under a contract worth US$11,144 million. According to the reports, the total cost of the L-Band MARS-L radar (on the Ural and KrAZ chassis) produced by NPE Aerotechnics-MLT Company is US$ 7,544 million, and the total value of the VRF-Band P-180U (P-18MA) radar (on the KrAZ chassis) is US$3,6 Million. 

The mobile L-Band MARS-L is a ground-based combined PSR/SSR (Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar) system. The combined use of primary and secondary channels considerably increases the detection range and accuracy of finding the coordinates of aerial objects. Additionally, the availability of additional aircraft information such as current altitude, remaining fuel, condition of the onboard systems, etc., together with primary radar information, significantly increases flight safety. It also reduces the likelihood of accidental targeting of civilian aircraft by air defense systems. The MBTF (mean time between failures) performance of the MARS-L, which is a mobile low altitude surveillance radar capable of providing coverage up to 110km on the PSR channel and 150km on the SSR channel, is given as 5,000 hours.