Pakistan MİLGEM Program Hull-Mounted Sonar System Contract Signed

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

July 31, 2019. The Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Inc. (ASFAT) and Meteksan Defence signed a Hull- Mounted Sonar System Contract within the scope of the Pakistan MİLGEM Project.

With this contract signed, the YAKAMOS Hull-Mounted Sonar System, which has successfully been serving in all over the seas as the sonar of the ADA class corvettes developed and built nationally within the scope of MİLGEM project, was selected as the sonar system of 4 corvettes to be built within the scope of Pakistan MİLGEM Project. Turkey also took place amongst the countries that can export antisubmarine warfare sonar with this contract. With the agreement signed on September 6, 2018 between Pakistan and Turkey, the MILGEM Corvette had been decided upon to enter the inventory of the Pakistan Navy.

All critical technology components including the lowest level materials such as ceramic materials in the YAKAMOS Hull-Mounted Sonar System, which will be supplied through the Pakistan MİLGEM Project Hull-Mounted Sonar System Contract signed by ASFAT and Meteksan Defence, will be designed nationally and produced with domestic resources.  The YAKAMOS Hull-Mounted Sonar System will be included in the inventory of the Pakistan Navy, an allied country, for the first time in addition to our Naval Forces inventory.

The YAKAMOS Hull-Mounted Sonar System was designed to detect and track targets such as submarines, torpedoes and surface platforms that may be faced in the marine environment. The YAKAMOS Hull-Mounted Sonar System, which is used for detecting and tracking submarine, torpedo and other underwater targets / threats by surface platforms such as corvette and frigate, is able to detect the sound propagation of targets in passive mode, and is able to automatically calculate the direction and distance of the targets by using the echoes reflected from the targets in active mode. The system can also be used for the detection of mine and mine-like objects during field passages.