Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker PNS Moawin is in the Indian Ocean

Issue 82 - June 2018

The Navy Fleet Tanker Project designed and developed by STM for the Naval Forces of Pakistan is at the final stage. The Navy Fleet Tanker which is the Turkish Defense Industry’s largest block military export ship project, successfully completed its first sea trial in the Indian Ocean.

The Navy Fleet Tanker ‘PNS Moawin’, the main contractor of which is STM, was built by the Pakistan Defense Production Ministry at the Karachi Shipyard in order to meet the requirements of the Pakistan Navy.

The Navy Fleet Tanker, which is Turkey’s largest block export in the military ship field, has made history as one of the most unique national projects that develops military cooperation between the two allied countries. The success achieved in this project was one of the important factors that led to STM acquiring the Agosta 90B Submarines Modernization Project in Pakistan.

PNS Moawin, which is the first ship of its class successfully built at the Pakistan Karachi Shipyard (KSEW) through the design, production data package and technical support provided by STM, reached the Indian Ocean from the Port of Karachi on March 31, 2018.

The Pakistani shipyard personnel and crew, 30 STM employees and representatives of the Turkish subcontractors of STM attended the first cruise of the Navy Fleet Tanker.

In its cruise which occured during the night, PNS Moawin’s critical systems were tested. It performed above expectations and successfully completed the tests and returned to Karachi Port.

Navy Fleet Tanker 

The Fleet Tanker, which is the first ship of its class and developed together by STM and Pakistan Naval Forces in accordance with the operational needs of the Pakistan Navy, weighs 16,400 tons and is approximately 158 meters long. It can achieve speeds up to 20 knots with two propellers with adjustable blade angles powered by two diesel engines. Electrical power of the ship is provided by four diesel generators. 

With its Replenishment/Fueling-at-sea systems (RAS/FAS), the ship will support the Pakistan Navy’s combat/auxiliary elements by transferring critical equipment such as fuel/water and ammunition at sea during operations, thus increasing their operational capability.

The ship also has a comprehensive infirmary in addition to its day and night helicopter deployment operations capability thanks to its hangar and platform.