Pakistan-Türkiye Defense Industry Cooperation

Bahadır SİYEZ - HAVELSAN Pakistan Country Manager

Date: Issue 121 - April 2023

The ties of friendship and brotherhood between Türkiye and Pakistan are deeply rooted in history. The support of South Asian Muslims to the Turkish War of Independence and the sacrifice of Pakistani women who gave us their dowries and jewels during the National Struggle are both unforgettable. Since 1947, when Pakistan gained independence, our relations have grown on the foundation of friendship and brotherhood, drawing power from these deep-rooted ties. The support provided to each other during the challenging times that both countries sometimes go through strengthens the strong bond between the two brotherly countries day by day. Pakistan most recently was one of the countries that provided the greatest support and aid when our country suffered an earthquake disaster.

As we leave behind the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Pakistan, Türkiye-Pakistan relations are strengthening day by day with a strategic perspective in accordance with the history, friendship, and potential of the two countries. The most significant evidence for this is the recent development of cooperation initiatives with Pakistan in the defense industry. The fact that Pakistan and Türkiye encounter various challenges from time to time due to the geopolitical instability in their regions increases the significance of cooperation in the defense industry.