Pars 8x8 WAV with SARP 12.7mm RWS Featured its Capabilities Beyond the Borders

Date: Issue 38 - December 2012

Upon invitation of a Middle Eastern country, PARS 8x8 vehicle of FNSS Defence Systems has successfully completed the challenging performance, mobility, durability and fire tests it has participated in the same country during last September and October. During the month - long tests, PARS 8x8 test vehicle of FNSS integrated with Aselsan’s SARP remote controlled turret has covered 3,500 km under all terrain and road conditions while SARP weapon system has fired 700 rounds of 12.7mm Ammunition .

During the tests, all of the performance elements that determine the properties of PARS 8x8 class of military wheeled vehicles are individually observed by the test team of the mentioned country within a specific plan. Pars 8x8 attained results beyond expectations and gained appreciation in each performance test conducted like rock crossings and climbing, sand dunes crossing and desert driving, water entry and exit, acceleration, braking, etc. It was once more observed that the power group located on the second and third axles of PARS allows balanced load distribution throughout the vehicle and thus it provides a significant advantage, especially under off-road conditions, by reducing the weight of the front side.