Patria to Supply Electronic Intelligence System to Two NATO Member Countries

Date: Issue 128 - March 2024

Patria has signed two agreements to supply the Patria ARIS electronic intelligence systems (ELINT) to European NATO member countries. With the agreements, customers will have access to the latest version of a high-performance signal intelligence system tailored to the needs of the countries in question.

The electronic intelligence system Patria ARIS enables its user to gather information about signals from radars and other radio transmitters used by the opposing party. The system can be used to detect, locate and identify radars and military systems using a radar. The customer can use the system to generate detailed identification information based on radar signals, which is vital in the modern electronic warfare battlefield. The system utilizes the latest receiver and signal processing technologies to ensure that even the most advanced threats do not have the ability to hide in a disrupted or congested signal environment. The system consists of a sensor network, servers gathering situational picture and user interfaces that enable centralized operation or remote access, including all the software needed for operational use. Patria supplies each customer with a customized total solution, from antennas to signals intelligence databases, and offers support and updates for the entire lifecycle of the system.