PBS Unveils New High-Thrust Lightweight Engine

PBS, a Czech aerospace manufacturer, presents a new modified propulsion unit, the PBS TJ80M turbojet engine. The expansion of the UAV market goes hand in hand with rising demands on the quality and technical aspects of components and materials, especially in air-launched applications. The result of the introduced changes is an increase in the engine`s thrust by one third, from 900 N to 1,200 N, and a reduction in the specific fuel consumption, while the outer diameter of 235 mm has remained unchanged.

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

Same size – higher power

PBS Velka Bites (PBS) introduced the PBS TJ80 jet engine in the middle of 2018. The engine excelled in many innovative design solutions, including an oil-free concept with fuel-lubricated bearings, 235 mm outer diameter, 12 kg weight, 900 N thrust, and an integrated 650 W / 28 V power supply. The engine has been developed for use in UAV applications.