Pedestal Mounted Air Defense System by Aselsan

High accuracy in first round hit is critical for the armies for homeland security purposes in the battlefield, considering the protection of stationary or forward moving troops, convoys and tactical bases of strateg

Date: Issue 18 - October 2009

The main mission of the system is to enhance the performance of the shoulder-launched missiles. With its gyro-stabilization and electro-optical suite, the system is capable to perform high first round hit probability in tough weather conditions during day and night even the vehicle and the target are both on the move.
The flexible and modular design of the system enables the integration of numerous very short range air defense missiles from different origin to PMADS to be applied on both land and naval platforms. Thus, PMADS solution is not limited to any platform or missile and can be integrated to the preferred land based and naval platforms in line with the user requirements.
The system is fielded and has been already in service of the Turkish Armed Forces for the last six years. PMADS was considered as the most efficient solution also by the Royal Dutch Army following an international competitive bidding in 2005 of which the deliveries were successfully completed by the end of 2008. As of today, more than 150 PMADS have been delivered to the service of the Armed Forces, with which over 250 live missile firings have been conducted with a high first round hit success.
PMADS is being considered as a reliable solution for effective protection of the strategic points within the battlefield, strategic fixed assets, bases, logistics centers, units in engagement and maneuver forces against air threats such as fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.
When compared with Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), which are relatively simple, short range, surface-to-air shoulder launched missiles, normally designed for single person or small group operation to track and shoot down air targets, ASELSAN PMADS has many superiorities.
A successful strike for MANPADS operator is difficult due to the environmental obstacles such as terrain, trees, hills, clouds, sun, fog, etc. preventing a clear view of the target. Besides, detection, engagement and tracking of distant, fast moving targets, appearing in short time periods requires very special operator abilities and high level of training.
ASELSAN PMADS has eliminated these factors that are restricting the affectivity of MANPAD missiles, by automated use of the missiles with complementary sensors such as thermal camera, laser range finder, navigation sensors and gyroscope, servo motors and drivers, under the supervision of a fire control computer. ASELSAN PMADS has considerably improved the following parameters of man-portable air defense missiles:
• reaction time,
• combat capability during day, night and adverse weather conditions,
• fire-on-the-move,
• use of missile effective range fully,
• sequential missile firing,
• high level of integration to command control system.
PMADS is used either in autonomous or coordinated modes whether the carrier platform is stationary or mobile. In coordinated mode target cueing information is received from an air defense operation center and in autonomous mode the PMADS crew autonomously search/detect and track the target by using the system’s own surveillance sensors.
For an extensive air defense coverage, the PMADS can effectively interface with the Air Defense Operation Center and the Air Defense Radar, and due to its sturdy, modular structure and hardware architecture, is ready to be adapted in future command and control network architectures.

Land Applications
PMADS has 4 (four) versions: ZIPKIN, ATILGAN, PMADS-IGLA and Stinger Weapon Platform (SWP). ZIPKIN (integrated on 4x4 wheeled vehicle) and ATILGAN (integrated on M113 tracked vehicle) versions of ASELSAN PMADS, are already deployed and in use within the Turkish Armed Forces. Whereas SWP is the PMADS configuration manufactured for the Royal Netherlands Army and the systems are already deployed. PMADS-IGLA is the version of ASELSAN PMADS using IGLA missile.

Naval Applications

The open architecture of PMADS allows adaptation of system capabilities to specific operational needs of the armed forces. ASELSAN has developed and tested a naval version of PMADS for use on naval ships and/or naval crafts used by coastal guard commands for the purpose of air defense.

Having a field proven and mature design, ASELSAN Pedestal Mounted Air Defense System is being considered as a competitive solution for the low level air defense requirements of the armies in the international arena.