Peli-Hardigg, the Largest Manufacturer of Cases Solutions, Brings a Solid Experience to Protect Your Most Valuable Gear on the Field

Issue 55 - September 2014

Peli-Hardigg is the largest manufacturer of military and aerospace approved reusable, recyclable, plastic ATA 300 CAT 1, LRU, AGE, WSTAGE, logistic containers and cases. For over half a century, Peli-Hardigg engineers have developed custom solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the military sector. 

Peli-Hardigg’s cases are rugged, watertight, airtight, chemical-resistant, lightweight, durable, impact-resistant and reusable. They are designed to efficiently keep the sensitive and vital equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and impact. Safe inside, the equipment is protected against drop damage, while the rib design maximises stacking and stability en route.