Phase-1 of the “Development of a Digital Underwater Acoustic Modem Project” Signed

Date: Issue 38 - January 2013

Underwater acoustic communication is becoming an increasingly important application in the world. This technical concept, also underlying in the basics of the active and passive sonar systems with military purposes nowadays, has taken part both in various civilian and military communication applications. These underwater acoustic sensor network systems are becoming widespread applications for both military and civilian purposes especially for protecting harbours and regional protection are also standing out as a critical technology for the underwater acoustic communication by means of remotely operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles and unmanned underwater vehicles (ROV, AUV, UUV) used for many underwater military-civilian remote inspection applications.Meteksan Defence has been appointed by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries for projects on a versatile range of topics regarding the Underwater Acoustics since 2009. In light of these developments and within the scope of the Seismic Research Vessel Project’s Technology Acquisition Obligations, Meteksan Defence signed the contract for the "Development of a Digital Underwater Acoustic Modem Project’s Technology Acquisition Phase-1" with Istanbul Shipyard.

In light of all needs determined by this Project and the developing technologies, the underwater acoustic sensor networks could be used in applications such as underwater telemetry etc. Also with the help of this Project, establishment and development of design for a less power consuming, close-intermediate ranged "Digital Underwater Acoustic Modem" laboratory prototype system is aimed. The technological acquisitions to be obtained with this laboratory prototype shall also be used for the development of different acoustic modems in the future. On the other hand, development of a specific industrial prototype product for an application that shall be determined within the Phase-2 of the Project is aimed.