Physical & Mental Strength Along with Highly Demanding and Qualified Training, are Necessary to Challenge the Depths of the Seas.

On December 14, 2023, during our visit to the Submarine Fleet Command, which is aware that its future depends on modern platforms equipped with advanced technology and well-trained crew who will use them, our final stop was the Submarine Training Center Command, where crews trained to operate submarines in the inventory of Turkish Navy. First, we toured the Submarine Training Center Command with the Head of the Submarine Training Center, Captain (CAPT) Ender KÖNEZ, and then we had a brief interview with him at the Dumlupınar Submarine History Hall about the past and present of the Submarine Training Center Command, the training activities and simulator systems at the Submarine Training Center.

Date: Issue 128 - March 2024 Update: July 21, 2024

Submarining is an exceptional task due to the physical and psychological challenges of the duties and the physical difficulties of the mission. It is a job for those who are strong, determined, self-sacrificing, and confident, who work with a team spirit, share a destiny both in diving and on the surface, and take pride and honor in their work through friendship and camaraderie. Submariners who will carry out this crucial task, where individual mistakes could lead to significant losses, have been trained in our country since April 1, 2017. Given that the training of personnel to serve on submarines is considered as vital as platform procurement in bolstering the submarine force, the Submarine Fleet trains its personnel within its own ranks through a domestic education system and curriculum. 

Captain Ender KÖNEZ, Head of Training at Turkish Submarine Training Center