PIMCO Provides Advanced CBRN Solutions

Pimco Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company with many years

Date: Issue 27 - May 2011

The CHERDES® II range of chemical, radiological and nuclear blast threat detection systems are modular in design, allowing for the separate units to be installed within the limited space available in AFVs. Chemical and radiological detection is simultaneously carried out from both inside and outside of the vehicle. They can also be installed in 24/7 mode for fixed sites to provide round-the-clock threat detection of military bases, government buildings etc. These instruments provide very quick and accurate detection of all the above-mentioned threats with minimum false alarm level.

Pimco is currently completing the development of a third generation system called CHERDES® III, and new generation of biological warfare detector, which detects biological threats in a real-time. CHERDES® III will be the smallest and the most compact CBRN system of the CHERDES® family.

Pimco’s equipment has EU and NATO certificates. Pimco Sp. z o.o. has a concession no. B-021/2004, issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs, ISO 9001:2000 certificate no. 309/S/2008 and AQAP 2110:2006 certificate no. 309/A/2008. We also have a Certificate of Assurance Number (NAMSA) no 102/2009 issued by the Armed Forces Procurement Department of the Ministry of National Defense of Poland.