Plans Underway for Development of 6x6 Wheeled Unmanned Ground Vehicle Prototypes

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

The 6x6 Wheeled Unmanned Ground Vehicle Development project, initiated by the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) to meet the requirements of the Land Forces Command and the Turkish National Police, will be conducted in collaboration with Elektroland and Milsoft. This project aims to develop prototypes of 6x6 wheeled UGVs with high mobility and an independent suspension system. As part of the project, a 6x6 wheeled remote-controlled vehicle with a logistics concept will be supplied, and field test activities will be carried out. Additionally, a prototype vehicle with various configurations and autonomous capabilities will be provided.

By subjecting the UGV to field tests across various usage scenarios, the goal is to meticulously define the configurations that cater to each of these specific applications. Furthermore, it is aimed to enhance the platform's modularity infrastructure in alignment with these requirements and design the UGV to seamlessly integrate indigenous payload systems, all while staying within the physical constraints of the UGV.