Plenty of Alternatives for Everyone at ER-AH

Issue 81

Having started its journey in the aviation sector in Isparta in 1991, ER-AH founded the ER-AH Flight School in 2008 in order to raise Turkey’s best pilots and contribute to Turkish Civil Aviation through the know-how and experience it acquired over nearly 20 years of serving in various branches of the sector.

The training adventure began in 2009 in Antalya with the ER-AH Flight School training building and 3 Cessna model aircrafts. In 2014, it completed the construction of the first major investment which is a 1.000 m² aircraft maintenance hangar and flight training building. At an area of 1.000 m² opened as a theoretical training center in 2015, it has been delivering training services to candidates who want uninterrupted training.

The ER-AH Flight School has been providing theoretical, synthetic and flight training at its facilities located in Antalya, Istanbul and Isparta. ER-AH Flight School is one of the best flight schools in Turkey which is authorized to give flight and theoretical training, ranging from private pilot license PPL (A) to air transportation, pilot license Modular ATPL (A) Frozen and Integrated ATPL (A) Frozen training.

The ER-AH Flight School, which gives both modular and integrated training to employees on a 90% distant training basis, graduates its pilot candidate students within 16-18 months.

At the ER-AH Flight School, flight and ground training are given by pilots who have years of experience in airlines, captain pilots, aircraft engineers, meteorology engineers, air traffic controllers, flight planning experts, aircraft maintenance technicians and medical doctors.

ER_AH Provides 120 hours/day  and  21.000 hours/year flight trainings, with its total 18 Aircrafts (16 Single Engine: Cessna 172 Glass Cockpit, 2  Twin-engine: Piper Seneca V and Tecnam P2006T), total 6 Simulators (Alsim ALX, Redbird Elite, IDS ve A320 Fixed Based Procedure Trainer), 120 Staff, 45 Instructor, 250 Pilot Candidate training capacity, 600 Graduated Pilot Candidates, navigation flights to 20 different airfields, 320 of flightworthy days in a year, 70 flight trainers capacity on daily basis. 

ER-AH Aviation has made every investment that it has made for 26 years by focusing on people and by adding value to candidates and Turkish Civil Aviation. It has made a difference in the sector with its solutions, services and expertise.

The pilots that ER-AH Flight School has trained for SunExpress, Turkish Airlines, the Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Aeronautical Association University, Okan University and for the National Police. These are important references in the Turkish aviation sector and of course they have been a source of pride for ER-AH.