PMS Delivery Accomplished

Delivery of the First National Air Defence System Completed

Date: Issue 35 - September 2012

Delivery of Turkey’s first national air defence system Pedestal Mounted Stinger (PMS) developed by Aselsan has been completed and last five PMSs were delivered to Turkish Armed Forces with a ceremony.

Undersecretary for Defence Industries Murad Bayar, in his speech during the ceremony at Aselsan premises declared that the PMS project took the lead among many applications in Turkey’s defence sector. Bayar stated that many foreign alternatives were evaluated when the idea of such a project emerged, but after a very tough decision process the option of developing a national air defence system domestically was selected and he said: "We went through harsh arguments but thankfully the project was launched in this way and as of today the system became a perfect product".Bayar spoke highly of the state of Turkish defence industry both in production and design aspects and their priority in the future projects would be to strengthen the capacity and capability of the Turkish Armed Forces. Bayar continued as:"Domestic design was an exception in the years when we first discussed this project, now buying premade systems became an exception. With the technology we have now owing to this project, firing control systems for the tanks and remote controlled weapon systems and other air defence systems were built. All these projects stem from the PMS project. Baring in mind that we have been carrying out more than hundred projects,try to envision what will happen 20 years later".