Polish Rosomaks successfully underwent a baptism of fire in Afghanistan

Polish Rosomaks Are Conquering Afghanistan. The vehicles operated by our soldiers are praised by forces of nearly all countries present there and Taliban fighters are afraid of Polish APCs

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

In Afghan conditions Rosomaks are subject to particularly difficult tests. It turns out that when Rosomak is a part of a convoy, not only Poles feel safer but also the Americans or Afghans who accompany the Poles. Both the massive silhouette that was “improved” by adding the additional armour and the 30-mm gun make a big impression. Several incidents shown that the APC’s design is capable of providing protection to soldiers travelling inside.
Rosomak even without the up-armouring from the Rafael company provides a sufficient protection level as this is an armoured vehicle developed to participate in a regular war. Afghanistan has proven this.
„The first opinions gathered about operation of Rosomaks are very positive” – says Col. Janusz Komorowski, the Deputy Director of the Office for Fielding the APC and ATGM. – „One needs to keep in mind that this is only a beginning of the mission but events that have already happened confirm big advantages of the vehicle. Rosomaks perform well” – says Col. Komorowski.
26-ton Rosomaks can be successfully used on patrols and convoys as mine clearing equipment. They usually lead the column as most of the mines in Afghanistan are those with pressure fuzes so the leading vehicles is exposed to the biggest risk and it should be the best protected (all vehicles have jammers to protect them against IEDs detonated by radio).
So Rosomak performs well at the mission. Due to its wheels it is useful in patrols while its powerful armament and weapons makes it a lethal weapon system in case of various surprises.


The Royal Navy of Oman has recently ordered both Exocet and VL Mica Systems to equip its three new “Khareef” OPV’s (Offshore Patrol Vessel).

MBDA has a longstanding partnership with the Sultanate of Oman and has already equipped the SAF (Sultanate Armed Forces) with Mistral land based air defence systems for the Royal Army, Milan anti-armour for the Royal Guard and the Royal Army, Rapier air defence system for the Air Force, and Exocet missile system for the Royal Navy.

Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, said: “this significant contract confirms the role of MBDA as a reliable partner for latest generation and affordable solutions. Both the Exocet and the VL Mica will provide the Royal Navy of Oman blue waters and littoral operations superiority”.

VL Mica is a Vertical launched close area Air Defence system based on the extensively proven Mica missile. It offers outstanding self-defence capability against saturating air and anti-ship attacks.