President ERDOĞAN Lays Out 100-Day Action Plan

Date: Issue 85 - September 2018

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN publicly shared the first 100-Day Goal of the Presidential Cabinet including topics from transportation to energy, economics, industry to foreign trade, urbanization, foreign politics to defence, education, health to agriculture and technology. Within the scope of the 100-day exclusive program of the Presidential Cabinet, an intensive period of work in the field of industry and technology has been initiated. In this process, some projects will be rapidly completed; and also, a series of new projects and programs will be launched. The first “100-Day Goal” was explained by President ERDOĞAN during the “Presidential 100-Day Executive Program” meeting which was held at Beştepe Culture and Congress Center.

There are 48 projects out of 400 projects that are to be determined and launched by the institutions under the auspices of the Presidency and the Ministries in 100 days.  The approximate budget is TL 46 billion and are composed of defence industry projects.