President ERDOĞAN Recognizes Istanbul Technical University and Boeing Collaboration Program

Partnership ranges from educational programs to R&D projects

Issue 86

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has received the “International Cooperation Award” for its collaboration with Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace company, in the areas of education, research, and development, and human resource development at the 2018 CoHE Excellence Awards. The event was held for the second time by the Council of Higher Education under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN.

Istanbul Technical University received the award for developing high-technology products and services in the aviation industry, increasing its capabilities with educational activities in the field, and improving strategic human resources within the scope of its all-round cooperation model, established with Boeing.

Boeing and ITU collaboration started with the 4D Trajectory Management Program (AUTOFLY-Aid project in SESAR WP-E Research) which was developed in 2012 to provide decision-making support for pilots in route planning from the cockpit and airborne collision avoidance. The project received the Flightglobal Engineering Student of the Year Award in 2013. The joint ITU-Boeing Air Transport Management Master Program was launched in 2013 with THY’s contributions to develop human resources in line with the needs of the fast-growing aviation sector in Turkey. The master program produced 118 graduates who are now equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in air transport. 

In addition to the collaboration in education, a joint R&D program was started in 2013 to develop a High-Technology Cabin Air Filter System to improve air quality in aircraft cabins. This project has advanced from prototyping to manufacturing. ITU- Boeing R&D collaboration was broadened by launching two additional projects in 2016. One of these projects targets to advance airline route planning systems by utilizing big data analytics and machine learning technologies to reduce the effects of prediction errors stemming from wind forecasts and increase flight efficiency. The other one aims for high-technology new generation thermoplastic materials by using additive manufacturing technology.

In addition to education, research, and development programs, the collaboration between ITU and Boeing took on a multiple dimension with the “Boeing Scholarship and Award Program” launched in 2014 to support human resources development in the aviation sector in Turkey to discover new talent in this field. Within this scope, ITU’s undergraduate and graduate students with high level technical skills and enthusiasm in aviation are granted with a scholarship. Academics who have a project for improving space sciences curriculum are also granted with Boeing Scholarship Award for Faculty Members to bring these projects into live.

This all-round international cooperation also planted the seeds of technology pillar of “Boeing National Aviation Initiative” launched by Boeing together with its partners in Turkey in 2017.

 “ITU is a university with a long history of 245 years and always open to new ideas. ITU that contributed to the building of Turkey in its history has continue at full steam to advance towards research and development activities for domestic and national production which is among the fundamental components of Turkey’s 2023 targets, and the development of qualified workforce. Our projects that are run together with Boeing which is among the leading companies in its sector has been successfully proceeding. The award given by our President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN to the studies that we are carrying on is a great honor for us. Our university will contribute to our country by going on with the cooperation with important players in aviation sector. Our studies that will steer the world and serve as a model will bring into practice in the upcoming days”, said Istanbul Technical University’s Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARACA who received the award from President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN.

 “As Boeing, we support the rise of Turkey, which is one of our countries of enlargement, as a global player in aviation sector by cooperating in very different areas. The Turkey National Aviation Plan which we have launched last year is a program which draws our framework of strategical cooperation for this target and defines the areas which we will grow together with the Turkish aviation. Most important elements of our program which supports Turkey’s global competition power and sustainable growth in aviation are included in our joint efforts with ITU. The success of our technological cooperation with ITU and efforts to raise qualified human resources for Turkey’s growing aviation sector are examples of good practice which inspire our strategy on Turkey. The success and diversity of the ITU programs is a source of pride also for Boeing as well as Turkey. The technologies which we developed with ITU are technologies which will advance the world aviation and shape the future, and our raised Turkish engineers are qualified to support the world aviation. Receiving an award by Mister President for our efforts which we have attributed utmost importance made us proud and also encouraged us further to maximize our joint successes. We thank ITU for their partnership in the success, and CoHE and Mister President for their appreciation,” said Aysem SARGIN, the Managing Director and Country Executive of Boeing Turkey.