Preveze and Gür Class Submarines Safe with “Zargana” and “Zoka”

Preveze and Gür class Turkish Submarines to operate in a safer environment with the help of jammer “Zargana” and acoustic decoy “Zoka” that were developed indigenously by Aselsan. 

Issue 49 - January 2014

Delivery of the acoustic decoy and jammer developed by Aselsan especially for the Preveze and Gür Class Submarines to the Turkish Naval Forces Command was accomplished successfully. Within the scope of “Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Decoy System (DAKA) Project”, the development of modern “Soft-Kill” Torpedo Countermeasure Systems (that are in use recently in the anti-submarine warfare by the naval forces around the world) indigenously with national resources was enabled. Through such systems developed in submarines against torpedoes, the Submarines of various classes in Turkish Naval Forces Command’s inventory were furnished with modern and improved countermeasure capabilities. System’s operational principles are composed of following stages; 

“Zargana” jammer system collects threat related data from submarine sensor/system and performs detection, classification and localization to provide torpedo counter measure tactics and provides evasive maneuver advice depending on the status of the threat. At this point, “Zoka” intelligently operates decoys, creates deception and confusion on torpedoes as well as noise barrier to provide critical time for defender to perform tactical evasive maneuvering.