Reducing Sensor Overload with new colour data overlay Sensor Technology Systems Launch their New EHU

Head up displays (HUD) have been a common capability of many modern aircraft. However, the use of the HUD data for the soldier or commander, showing battlefield information and other mission critical inf

Issue 17 - June 2009

The Enhanced Head Up Display (EHUD) is a lightweight add-on to the AN/PVS 21 Low Profile Night Vision Goggle (LPNVG) made by Sensor Technology Systems (STS) of Beavercreek, Ohio. The Model 2755 E-HUD fills a larger portion of the night vision field of view. The EHUD, according to STS, has a high resolution and colour display which will give operators the ability to read data and maps provided by other sensor sources with greater clarity and ease. This enhanced system increases the display from the older M-HUD, which had a QVGA (320 x 240) resolution to a SVGA (800 x 600) colour display. The EHUD also has an increased field of view (FOV) to an impressive 31.7°.

The EHUD has also successfully been trialled on the STS Model 2756 day viewing system giving operators same system fidelity, enhancing the way they train for either day or night operations, whilst providing data viewing capabilities whether using night vision devices or not. With so many cutting edge and wireless technologies being embraced by front line troops, sensor overload has become a major concern. STS believe, a system which can give either a black and white or a colour image will enhance clarity and reduce image confusion and overload. One of the reasons this is possible is because of the unique see through design of the folded optic technology used by STS, allowing this new system to be used with or without the night vision device making it possible to be viewed for 24 hours a day. Giving operators the choice to choose data at mission critical moments has to be a priority. The more obvious area of providing the wearer with clearly defined data while keeping their heads up on a target speaks for itself.