Resourceful Financial Solutions to Foreign Investors

by Bircem ÖZEKİCİ – Project Specialist, Voytes Consultancy Voytes plays an active role in Global Supply Chain Implementations through facilitation activities that focus on accelerating industrial development in Defense, Aerospace, Satellite, Space and Advanced Technologies

Date: Issue 86 - November 2018

Since 2010, Voytes Turkey has been offering financial solutions to a wide range of companies from foreign partnership companies and funds to national brands and SMEs, supporting them to establish strategies and implement them accordingly, and creating funds. Among these solutions, it has enabled many enterprises in different sectors to benefit from incentives, grants and other government support, through the projects especially carried out with sectoral associations, professional chambers, organized industrial zones, universities and the Ministry of Economy. Voytes has also been providing accounting, tax and financial regulatory consultancy and legal expert services.

Voytes, with its fundamental working principle, gets to know every single detail of its customer’s business and produces solutions with a multidimensional approach instead of just doing what is expected, and it has proven itself by implementing these solutions successfully many times. It has developed and finalized a wide range of projects in the fields of incentives, grants and government support project management.