RETINAR FAR-AD Anti-Drone Radar System Delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces

Issue 100

The Presidency of Defense Industries announced from its official social media account that the RETINAR FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar developed by Meteksan Defence were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces under the "Mini/Micro UAV Detection Radar System" contract signed in 2019. The system will be the primary sensor of security forces against drones thanks to its automatic scanning capability of large areas.

Meteksan Defence also made an announcement regarding this development, stating that the fixed and rotary wing mini/micro drones or drone systems have become a severe threat to our security forces in recent years, mainly as they can be easily supplied and used by terrorist organizations. Although various jamming systems act as a precaution against drone threats, the drones must be detected first to be disabled and neutralized. Visual detection of drones can be difficult due to the small size of the threat and sometimes the weather conditions. Furthermore, because of the very short visibility distance of the drones, it can be too late to prevent the danger. Therefore, the radar systems stand out as the most critical system for long-range remote detection of mini/micro UAVs.

Meteksan Defence completed the RETINAR FAR-AD Anti-Drone Radar within a short period of 8 months under the "Mini/Micro UAV Detection Radar System Contract" signed with the Presidency of Defense Industries in 2019 and successfully delivered the RETINAR FAR-AD Systems, which completed multiple different tests such as distinguishing drones from birds, identifying and tracking different drones such as DJI Phantom, TALON. Indigenously Developed by Meteksan Defence, the RETINAR FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar is designed to counter mini/micro unmanned aerial vehicles and threats from the land. The RETINAR FAR-AD will automatically scan large areas and serve as the security forces' primary sensor against drones.

Meteksan Defence is the manufacturer of well-known high technology RETINAR Perimeter Surveillance Radar Family used for border security and security of critical infrastructures. RETINAR Perimeter Surveillance Radars are currently operated by the Turkish Land Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, State Airports Administration, and two more countries, one of which is in Asia and the other in Europe.