Rheinmetall and MBDA Signed Agreement to Integrate the Small Anti Drone Missile into the Skyranger 30 and Other Military Platforms

Date: Issue 131 - June 2024

To close the existing capability gaps in mobile defense against drones at short range, Rheinmetall Electronics and MBDA Deutschland signed a corresponding Letter of Intent (LOI) at ILA 2024. The companies intend to integrate MBDA's Small Anti Drone Missile (SADM) into the Skyranger 30 and other Rheinmetall military vehicles. Utilizing Enforcer technologies, this new guided missile offers an effective solution against small and medium-sized drones providing a high hit probability at long stand-off distances. For its part, the 30mm cannon on the Skyranger 30 offers highly efficient, mobile defense against airborne threats by combining firepower, intelligent sensor technology and high mobility at shorter ranges. This means that the two weapons complement each other perfectly.

The Letter of Intent aims at a long-term cooperation for the integration of the missile into the Skyranger 30 and other military vehicles as well as the development, production and integration of a launcher onto various turret systems and Rheinmetall’s digital system architecture.