Rheinmetall Unveils its new AMMR: A State-of-the-art Radar for C-UAS, SHORAD, and VSHORAD Applications

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022

Rheinmetall has unveiled the Oerlikon AMMR, the Group's latest radar system. The Oerlikon AESA Multi-Mission Radar (AMMR) was developed entirely at Rheinmetall Italia in Rome, underscoring once again the subsidiary's role as Rheinmetall's radar center of excellence. The new radar is now ready for series production.

Rheinmetall's new radar responds to highly challenging current and emerging short- and very short-range aerial threats: the new radar successfully detects and processes mini- and micro-unmanned aerial vehicles; incoming rockets, artillery, and mortars engaging in high angle attacks; as well as air/surface weapons and cruise missiles. Thanks to adaptive full digital beamforming techniques in the S-band, Oerlikon AMMR automatically detects, classifies, and tracks the full spectrum of aerial threats.