RMK Marine Displayed its Capabilities on Shipbuilding

The Koç Group’s shipyard RMK Marine shared the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship Project as well as other on-going military projects with its visitors at its 200 m²

Date: Issue 29 - July 2011

The Success of Turkish Engineers

As the first shipyard among civilian shipyards to undertake the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship Project for the largest military ship project, RMK Marine, bearing in mind the strategy and vision of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, and in line with the long term defence industry targets, realized an important first. Commencing with the building of the ships with a ceremony in 2008, there are 22 managers, 128 engineers, 20 experts, 49 mechanics, 28 technicians, 41 employees and 332 workmen employed on the project. Since the beginning of the project in 2008 until now, one million man hours of labor has been realized. Aside from 6,000 electrical cables and a total of 150 km of wiring, 30 km of various diameter pipes and 3,300 valves were used on one ship.

With the success of Turkish engineers, two out of the four ships, TCSG Dost and TCSG Güven named ships were launched last year, the construction of the third and fourth ships, TCSG Umut and TCSG Ya?am continue. The first stage of the firing tests for the TCSG Dost was completed during the past few days. Confirming the integration of the bow gun, the tests saw a total of 40 rounds of firing. With a length of 88.6 m, a width of 12 m with a displacement weight of 1,700 tons, the ships, in terms of size and capacity, belong to the “corvette class” of ships. Besides the construction of the ships, the command control system software and equipment, the electro-optic director, the communication systems, gyro systems, weapon control systems, consoles and similar important military systems within the coverage of the project are being designed and produced with domestic capabilities, in addition to the weapon and electronic systems that are integrated to the ship.

RMK Marine previously built two military logistics ships, the TCG Colonel Hakk? Burak and the TCG Captain ?hsan Tolunay with a 2,100 DWT capacity and delivered them to the Naval Forces in 2000.