ROKETSAN and STM Debuts New Game-Changing System: ALPAGUT

The unveiling ceremony of the Smart Loitering Munition System ALPAGUT was held at SAHA EXPO. President Defense Industry Agency Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Chairman of the Board of ROKETSAN Prof. Faruk YİĞİT, ROKETSAN General Manager Murat İKİNCİ and STM General Manager Özgür GÜLERYÜZ attended the ceremony. ALPAGUT, which can operate day and night, is effective against mobile or fixed/stationary land and naval targets, radars and communication systems, light armored vehicles, critical facilities, infantry, and opportunity targets. ALPAGUT will have an operational radius of 60 kilometers and can stay in the air (endurance) for more than 60 minutes. ALPAGUT can carry different types of warheads and can be used single or in a swarm. After the system is fired or launched, it will detect, track, and evaluate targets by hovering in the air for a certain period of time and will destroy the target by diving into it autonomously with user approval from the ground. ALPAGUT can detect and identify targets without being noticed with its dual-mode seeker. The system, which is not affected by GPS jamming systems, can be directed to the target with the precision guidance propulsion system. In addition to all these features, the system also offers significant advantages to its users with its fire-and-forget capability.

Date: Issue 119 - December 2022