Roketsan’s Smart Micro Munition Product Family Continues to Prove Itself in the Field

Date: Issue 91 - May 2019

The Smart Micro Munition product family developed by Roketsan to meet current and future combat requirements, consisting of MAM-L and MAM-C versions, continues to perform as promised in combat operations.

The Smart Micro Munition, which can be integrated with the BAYRAKTAR TB2 Tactical and ANKA MALE unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the inventories of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie General Command and the Turkish National Police, has been successfully used in operations since 2016. Enhancing the efficiency of air platforms with a low payload capacity and particularly unmanned aerial vehicles, the Smart Micro Munition will also enter the inventories of friendly and allied nations in 2019. MAM-L and MAM-C outperform their rivals with not only their technologies, but also their operational experience.

MAM-L, with an approximate weight of 22 kg, and MAM-C, weighing 6.5 kg, also stand out as cost-efficient solutions for light attack aircraft as well as UAVs. MAM-C can be used effectively at ranges of up to 8 km, depending on the altitude from which it is dropped, while MAM-L’s range can be extended up to 14 kilometers with its Inertial Navigation System (INS) and optional Global Positioning System (GPS) features.

With its high explosive fragmentation warhead, MAM-L is effective against light structures, unarmored ground vehicles, radar antennas and soft targets like weapon pits and personnel dispersed over a large area. In addition, targets that can be effectively hit by the munition are diversified by means of its anti-tank and thermobaric warhead options. MAM-C, on the other hand, is effective against soft targets such as personnel, unarmored and lightly armored land vehicles, radar antennas and weapon pits.

Roketsan has vast experience in the integration of its Smart Micro Munition product family with air platforms. Roketsan can make the munition ready to use on air platforms that have the required infrastructure, completing all related integration work within a few months. In the event of the infrastructure requiring additional elements, Roketsan offers its customers integration solutions as well as logistical and training support.

Selçuk YAŞAR, President and CEO of Roketsan, says that they are expecting to see significant interest in Smart Micro Munition from many countries: “The design and application concept of the MAM-L and MAM-C provides its users with the capability of effectively neutralizing time-critical targets, particularly those that arise during reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The precision guidance systems of both munitions, coupled with their small size, equate to a solution with low collateral damage. We see other countries turning their attention to this area, as the combination of Mini Smart Munitions and tactical UAVs represent a more cost-effective solution than all other capabilities within the world’s armed forces. We are exporting the first lot of this product family in 2019, and we are certain that others will follow suit.”