Roketsan- The Address at IDEF for Innovations in Rockets, Missiles and Munitions

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Roketsan, one of the world’s leading rocket, missile and guided munitions companies, will showcase its broad variety of products to visitors at IDEF 2017. Developing effective products for every segment in the field of rockets, missiles and munitions – from the KHAN Missile to fuse systems, and from the SOM Stand-Off Munitions family to MAM Smart Munitions – Roketsan will also exhibit at IDEF the solutions it offers in niche areas, such as ballistic armor and munitions facilities.

Roketsan not only develops its own indigenous technologies that set the new standards in its areas of activity, but also supplies effective and immediate solutions to customers dealing with global threats, particularly to the Turkish Armed Forces. Roketsan’s products enjoy two features that further enhance the level of interest they generate: advanced technology, and the fact that they are proven in the field. For this reason, it is expected that in IDEF 2017, where Roketsan intends to participate with a strong presence, the company’s stand will be visited by every group closely following the latest developments and innovations in the field of missiles, rockets and munitions.

Products to be exhibited for the first time at Roketsan’s stand include the KHAN Missile, TRG-122 Missile, TRG-300 KAPLAN Missile and the MAM-C Munition. As the newest member of Roketsan’s artillery missile family, the KHAN has a diameter of 610 mm and weighs 2,500 kg. The KHAN is a solid-fuel missile with a 470 kg warhead that is guided to its target using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS). The launch vehicle of the missile can carry two KHAN missiles, each housed in its own isolated composite pod. The MAM-C, on the other hand, is another addition to Roketsan’s successful and proven smart micro munitions (MAM) product family.

Striding Confidently Towards the Summit

Employing 2,268 personnel in total, Roketsan’s team has over 1,000 engineers, as well as 568 staff with postgraduate degrees and 58 with doctorate degrees. The company concluded 2016 with a turnover exceeding ₺1 billion, while its R&D expenditure in the same year was in the region of ₺269.9 million.

Roketsan arrives at IDEF 2017 after passing several important milestones in 2016 and the first few months of 2017:

The TRG-300 TIGER Missile System has been delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

The MAM-L entered the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory.

Test fires were successfully performed with the HİSAR-A and HİSAR-O Missiles. The first double-pulse engine developed by Turkey also proved itself during these tests.

Line qualification works for the SOM Serial Production Project have also been completed, while deliveries are currently on going.

Roketsan has successfully completed tests on the TEBER Laser Guidance Kit, which it developed with its own resources and applied to the MK-81 and MK-82 General Purpose Bombs.

The TRG-122 Rocket successfully completed its prototype testing. There is now ongoing work for the qualification of the product.

Product and production line qualifications for the OMTAS have been completed.

During the “HÜRKUŞ Aircraft L-UMTAS Firing Demonstration” carried out at Karapınar, Konya, the Laser-Guided and Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile L-UMTAS developed by Roketsan was successfully fired for the first time from the HÜRKUŞ –  the trainer and close air support aircraft developed by TAI under a project initiated by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.

RS-RPG-10 Statistical RPG Protection Systems, which have been developed by Roketsan Ballistic Protection Centre, have been applied to various armored vehicles in Turkey and abroad.

Emphasising that IDEF 2017 represents a very good opportunity to demonstrate the direction in which the company is heading, Emin Alpman, Chairman of the Board at Roketsan, noted: “As an organization affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, Roketsan is an important asset for Turkey. At IDEF 2017, we will proudly display our work and achievements to the President, the Prime Minister, the Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defence, and other high-ranking state officials. At every IDEF event, Roketsan showcases its development and progress through new technologies and products. In line with our Roketsan 2035 Vision Document, we are working to carry Roketsan to even higher levels. During this process, we aim to advance along with our fellows, solution partners and subcontractors. To acquire new business partners from all across Turkey through various activities, we not only describe our work and ourselves, but also listen to what’s being done by companies that can potentially become our solution partners. In IDEF 2019, we’ll take part with an even larger product family and new achievements and continue to do more than our best to spread the industrialization to a broader base, especially Anatolia.”

Roketsan appears before its customers with the successful products it delivered in the past and with technologies whose intellectual property rights entirely belong to the company. It certainly doesn’t present them with solutions that are confined, unchangeable and inflexible. We listen to our customers to understand their needs, assess their infrastructure, and develop tailor-made solutions for them. Both the Turkish Armed Forces and the countries friendly and allied to Turkey are highly pleased with Roketsan’s approach. We are diversifying and improving our solutions in accordance with our customers’ needs. Thanks to these efforts, we will, in the near future, be announcing to the rest of the industry new export projects that will contribute to Turkey’s ambitious 2023 targets. I would like to invite all participants at the exhibition to Roketsan’s stand, to see the latest innovations in rockets, missiles and munitions.”

Roketsan showcases related products and cutting-edge technologies at IDEF’ 17 as follows;

SOM, SOM-J, HİSAR-A, HİSAR-O, CİRİT, UMTAS, L-UMTAS, OMTAS, TEBER, MAM-L, MAM-C, Control / Propulsion System for Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical (GEM-T), KHAN Missile and Launch Vehicle, TRG-300 TIGER Missile and Launch Vehicle, TRG-122 Missile, T-122/300 Weapon System, T-107/122 Weapon System, PMC Vehicle (Pedestal-Mounted CİRİT),Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Launch System and Rocket, ASPIDE Rocket Engine,TESEO Rocket Engine, Base Bleeding Unit,Miscellaneous Fuses,Ballistic Protection Systems