Roketsan to Display Unique Products at Eurasia Air Show

Turkish Leading Manufacturer in Ammunition, Rockets and Missiles, Roketsan, will demonstrate their unique and unrivalled smart munitions, missiles and guidance kits at the Eurasia Air Show between 25-29 April in Antalya

Issue 81

Next Generation Cruise Missile, SOM

The Stand Off Missile (SOM) is an air to surface cruise missile family for use against highly defended stationary and moving land/surface (ASuW) targets. Its modular design supports operational flexibility.

The first flight test of SOM was performed in 2011 and serial production started in 2013 under the contract between Roketsan and the Turkish MoD. As part of the serial production frame the production line qualification has been completed and the first batch of missile deliveries with the components of the SOM Missile System, including the Test & Programming Unit and the Captive & Dummy Training Missiles, have been successfully delivered. Further capability enhancement activities are still in progress within this contract.

A contract for the in-house development of a smart munition compatible with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which will be based on the existing SOM technology, was signed in 2012 between Roketsan and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. Within this scope, SOM-J development activities besides the platform integration studies in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, the main contractor of the JSF Program were initialized in 2014. 

A business partnership agreement was signed with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (LMMFC) for the design, development, production and marketing of the SOM-J Weapon System in 2014 and the contract was signed in 2016. The integration activities of the F-35 are being carried out by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and these activities are scheduled to be completed in 2023. The SOM-J, specifically developed for intensively protected targets, developed for the F-35 aircraft, for sea and land targets, will be carried inside the airframe so that the aircraft maintains a low radar signature. 

The SOM provides availability for adaptation to various missions due to its open architecture software. Composite materials are used within its structure and the radar absorbing material enables low visibility. The SOM provides the advantage of smaller size and weight, compared to similar systems with a 250+km range for the SOM and a 200+km range for the SOM-J. The SOM operational concept will be enhanced by in flight re-programming and network capabilities to be enabled by the integration of a data link. 

Roketsan’s MAM-L Boosts Effectiveness of UAVs

The Smart Micro Munition (MAM-L), developed by Roketsan in line with today’s battlefield requirements, attracts attention as a solution that increases the efficiency of air platforms with low payload capacity, especially that of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). MAM-L, a variant of the Laser Guided L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System) that is also developed by Roketsan, the only difference being that it does not have a rocket motor and glides in the air has already been integrated to the BAYRAKTAR and KARAYEL tactical UAVs that are currently being used by the Turkish Armed Forces. The MAM-L, which is being successfully used in various operations involving UAVs, stands out as a munition that has proven itself in the field.

With its low weight of about 50 pounds and a length of 1 m, the MAM-L offers a cost-efficient solution for light attack aircraft as well as UAVs. The MAM-L, with its high explosive fragmentation warhead, is highly effective against light structures, unarmored ground vehicles, radar antennas and soft targets like weapon pits and personnel, in a 25 m radius. The other version with tandem high energy anti-tank warhead is effectively used against heavy armored tanks. The munition can be used efficiently at ranges of up to 8 km, depending on the altitude from which they are released, and the range can be extended to 14 km with the Optional INS/GPS Version.

Meanwhile, the fact that MAM-L is a member of the same family with Roketsan’s medium range anti-tank missile OMTAS and long range anti-tank missiles UMTAS/L-UMTAS, offers a significant advantage to its users in terms of training and logistics.

Roketsan also gained considerable experience in the integration of the MAM-L into air platforms. As long as the air platforms have the required infrastructure, Roketsan can operationalize the MAM-L by completing all the related integration work within a few months. In the event of the infrastructure requiring additional elements, Roketsan also offers its customers integration support.

Laser Guidance Kit TEBER

TEBER is a low-cost laser guidance kit that is attached to MK-81(250lb) and MK-82(500lb) general purpose bombs. TEBER converts the bombs into precision smart weapons using Inertial Navigation System, Global Positioning System and Laser Seeker.

TEBER’s modular design offers affordable options. An add-on Laser Seeker which is located on the front section allows precise hit capability for moving, relocatable and maritime targets even if the target is maneuvering at high speeds. The Laser Seeker may be equipped with or without a Height of Burst seeker. 

The TEBER tail kit can identify the bombs (MK- 81/MK-82) which are integrated and it can be installed very quickly in the field with the Laser Seeker. Tail kit contains a Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System for precise guidance and aerodynamic control surfaces. Body Strakes supply additional lift and stability and the weapon maneuver capability.